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30 Puisi Cinta Romantis Untuk Pasangan

Puisi Cinta Romantis – Siapa yang tidak baper jika diberikan puisi cinta romantis baik dari gebetan maupun dari pasangan? Yap, menjadi romantis itu tidak harus melulu memberikan bunga atau cokelat saja kok, tetapi juga dapat dilakukan dengan hal yang sederhana, puisi cinta contohnya. Selain untuk menunjukkan betapa besarnya rasa cintamu kepada pasangan, puisi cinta romantis juga dapat digunakan sebagai pemanis dalam hubunganmu. Jika kamu belum punya pasangan, justru puisi cinta romantis dapat menjadi ‘kode’ bagi gebetan bahwa kamu memang menyukainya.

Lalu bagaimana dengan yang jomlo dan tidak punya gebetan? Tidak usah khawatir, karena puisi cinta romantis ini tentunya dapat digunakan sebagai caption di sosial media. Banyak sekali ya kegunaan dari puisi cinta romantis itu? Nah, apa saja ya puisi cinta romantis yang dapat kita berikan kepada pasangan atau bahkan hanya sekadar caption di sosial media saja? Yuk simak uraian berikut ini.

Ide 30 Puisi Cinta Romantis

  • You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known. And even that is an understatement. – F. Scott Fitzgerald



My heart is the ocean,

full of colors,


and dreams.

You can easily dive into my waters,

get lost in my arms,

and quench your thirst

of grace

and love.

The Architecture of Love | Di balik Pena

My heart is the ocean.

Your ocean.

Alexandra Vasiliu



  • HOME

I find my place

In between your arms,

In between your tender kisses

And soft whispers of ‘It will be alright’

In between the warmth of your embrace,

and the scent of your neck,

and the fierceness of your touch,

I find my place lost inside your soul.




To know that I miss you

so much when you leave;

to know that I need you

like the air that I breathe


To know that I want you

with a passion so blind,

is to know that I love you ?

with no doubt in my mind.

– Lang Leav



You were you,

and I was I;

we were two,

before our time.


I was yours,

before I knew;

and you have always

been mine too.

– Lang Leav



As the moon begins

to brighten at night,

Know that I miss you

when I look upright.


You’re like a shining

star—beautiful and bright,

But I have no wings to

reach you, —my biggest plight.

– AK



I want to be,

Special for someone.

So that I never feel alone —

Two arms holding me tight,

And forever keep me close.


I want to find the missing colors,

For my life is black and white.

Someone crawling in my thoughts

When I try to sleep at night.


I want to find the wandering feet

That with mine will walk the world.

Someone warm against my skin

When the winter nights are cold.


And forever keep me close

Two arms holding me tight,

So that I never feel alone —


I want to be,

Your special one.

– Clairel Estevez



When love is seen

from two points of view;

what we were

I can only guess.


I am certain it was love

with you —

but to love,

you did not confess.


So was it I—

who made it more?

Or was it you—

who made it less?

– Lang Leav



Love, a boundless feeling;

free to give. Free — to receive.

But not a love like mine —


Not a love like this.


Such love must stay hidden

inside dark corridors

beneath my ribs.


You musn’t look at me tender

you mustn’t talk to me sweet;

you mustn’t give this wild bird

its desired pair of wings.

– Clairel Estevez



The universe did not

breathe star fire into your bones

just so you could burn yourself out

over someone who treats you

like a cigarette break.


You deserve someone who knows

there is stardust in your veins

and that you are the sun.


And the sun does not shine

because someone else wants it to.


It shines because that

is what it was born to do.



Your right eye is the sun.

It is the light I see first,

the glow that I wake to every morning.


Your left eye is the moon.

It is the light I see last,

the star that I watch before I sleep.


And as you love me,

every day and every night —

my world revolves around you.

– Timothy Joshua



If you peered in through her ribcage,

You’d find an empty space,

From the boy she gave her heart to,

Who didn’t put his in its place,

She no longer is the owner,

Of the blood within her veins,

It belongs to all the memories,

And the drugs to numb the pain,

The brain within her skull.

Is so flooded it could drown,

In names of people who said they cared,

But didn’t stick around,

All the words that she’s been called,

Have replaced all of her bones,

Even the smile upon her lips,

Is no longer her own,

There’s nothing left of her body,

That society hasn’t touched,

Yet they have the nerve to wonder why,

She hates herself so much.

– e.h


  • HE

He is the thought behind the feeling,

the swelling in my chest;

the starlight in the evening,

the yearning when I undress.


He is the sound behind the sighing,

the song of every bird;

the tears in all my crying —

the ache in every word.

– Lang Leav



We slowly melted into a lazy summer of gentle sea breezes and singing trees.

Each languid day rolling into the next like the curling waves caressing the silend sand.

Our thirsty kisses sipping softly on wine tainted lips

As we fell quietly into each other’s open arms.

Wonderfully lost and hopelessly in love.

– Michael Faudet



This is where our love is found

in a strange little rhyme;

where in space the beat of our hearts resound,

while our bones lie in the ground.


Little fragments ground down with time,

where fingers once were intertwined

and I wore your ring, and you wore mine.

– Lang Leav


  • LOVE

I don’t know what it’s like to love someone, who the world tells me I am not supposed to love.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to love someone I am afraid to kiss on the street.


But I do know what it is like to love someone who I cannot be with.

I know how it feels to have my brain tell me one thing, and my heart another.

To live with the knowledge that if circumstances had been different, I would be with one I love.


I do know there are all kinds of barriers to love.

I do believe the world needs less of them.

– Lang Leav



I still search

for you in crowds,

in empty fields and soaring clouds.


In city lights

and passing cars,

on winding roads

and wishing stars.


I wonder where

you could be now,

for years I’ve not said

your name out loud.


And long since

I called you mine —

time has passed

for you and I.


But I have learnt

to live without,

I do not mind —

I still love you anyhow.

– Lang Leav



My mother once said to me;

there are two kinds of men you’ll meet.

The first will give you the life you want

and the second will give you the love you desire.


If you’re one of the lucky few,

you will find both in the one person.

But if you ever find yourself having to choose between the two,

then always choose love

– Lang Leav



It feels bittersweet to love you,

as though time has already run its ruinous path

and everything good is over before it begins.


It feels perilous to love you,

like a dust scorn swallowing up the sky

or a comet skimming the stratosphere.


But it is an honor to love you.

Like the snow drifts giving way to spring,

I will hold you

for as long as I can.

– Lang Leav



The life you always thought you wanted before you knew any difference.

The sea change didn’t see coming,

the sweeping vistas and cotton candy sunsets.


The meeting point between how you imagined it would be

and how it has transpired.

The willingness to take a chance on something

that could take you somewhere new.


The dream you were persuaded to give up on,

or the one that you were coaxed into following.

Who you love

and who loves you back determines so much in your life

– Lang Leav



I’m not asking for a grand declaration of love.

I stopped entertaining those thoughts long ago.

You see,

I have resigned myself

to where I am now,

hanging by a thin,

tenuous thread.


I can feel it twisting above me,

gently fraying,

slowly giving way.


I’m not asking for promises or tenure –

I just want a hand

to reach for at the breaking point.

– Lang Leav



It was all I wanted for the longest time –

to open my eyes and see you there.

To stretch out my hand and touch the soft,

yielding warmth of your skin.


But now I have learned the secret of distance.

Now I know being close to you

was never about the proximity.

– Lang Leav



And it wasn’t my choice

to love you

but it was mine to leave.


I don’t think the moon ever meant to be a satellite,

kept in loving orbit,

locked in hopeless inertia,

destined to repeat the same pattern

over and over –

to meet in eclipse with the sun –

only when the numbers are allowed.

– Lang Leav



I want to plant a seed in your mind,

some tiny particle of thought

that bears a remnant of me.

So little by little,

day by day,

you find yourself thinking of me,

until one morning,

you will wake up

and realize you can’t think of anything else.

– Lang Leav



Anyone who knew me then would say I loved you far too much.

Like a wildfire or the sharp edge of a knife.


Anyone would have told you I stopped being the person

I was the second you walked into my life.


They would have said love wasn’t supposed to drive you crazy,  make you want to scratch at your skin.

And they were right.

Because there was love  and then there was you.

– Lang Leav



I don’t want you to love me because I’m good for you,  because I say and do all the right things.

Because I am everything you have been looking for.


I want to be the one you didn’t see coming. The one who gets under your skin.

Who makes you unsteady? Who makes you question everything you have ever believed about love.


I want to be the one who makes you feel reckless and out of control; the one you are infuriatingly and inexplicably drawn to.

I don’t want to be the one who tucks you into bed; I want to be the reason why you can’t sleep at night.

– Lang Leav



It was how we began. Your mouth against mine, your fingers tracing along the back of my neck.


You asked me to imagine what it must have been like, for the first two people who fell in love; before the word love was conceived.


You said it felt that for you. Like we existed in a time before love – as though we were waiting for the word to catch up to the feeling.

– Lang Leav



Do you think the mind answers to the heart?

The way it keeps conjuring up what is no longer there.


I don’t know why I keep swinging like a pendulum between the two,

when I know the mirage I will never be enough.

But the heart does not have eyes

and the mind cannot resist when it asks,

tell me just one more time.

– Lang Leav


  • MUSE

You asked me what you mean to me

My darling, you are my poetry

– Nikita Gill



Breaking off

pieces of yourself

to fit into places

will not help you belong,

it will only make you bleed.

– Nikita Gill


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