Gramedia About Us

Gramedia Bookstore known to the public as the largest bookstore chain, the largest and most comprehensive in Indonesia. There is now more than 100 bookstores are scattered across the archipelago from Sumatra to the Irian (Papua). As one of the spearheads Kompas Gramedia Group, Gramedia bookstore has been instrumental in the dissemination of knowledge for the people of Indonesia.

Nowadays, with the advancement of information technology, Gramedia bookstore comes in the form of Online Bookstore with URL: in response to the demands of modern society. is physically Gramedia bookstore transformation into an online form with all the advantages of the completeness of the product. presence is the answer for people who have difficulty accessing physical bookstores because: was no bookstore in town or are too busy to visit a physical bookstore. has a complete product category as complete collection of products Gramedia bookstore in Indonesia. So the customer can not find a store that the products are sought in physical bookstores, please look in It is probable that the product can be found in because our product is a combination of data from all Gramedia bookstore.